Terrorist Attack at Turkana!

battle_of_turkanaA first, daring strike against the Empire.

On a usual patrol around the lightly populated planet of Turkana, Imperial Star Destroyers scanned a large group of ships. The ships were what looked to be MC-type luxury liners, Nebulon-B Frigates and CR90 Corvettes. These ships were oddly placed and the two latter ships did not carry Imperial callsigns, so a flyby patrol commenced on the group. Without alarm the ships fired upon the TIE Fighters. Even the luxury ships which had been fitted with military weapons and equipment.

The two Imperial Captains, who shall remain unnamed, deployed a total of ten Star Destroyers to combat the dozen or more terrorist ships. A large dogfight ensued over the planet. The traitorous Incom Corps latest stolen design, the T65 X-Wing starfighter was unveiled at this event. The terrorists chose to hide behind shields and launch a volley of proton torpedoes at several of the Imperial Star Destroyers defending the planet below.

TIE Fighters and the fast TIE Interceptors did their best to highhandedly defend their capital ships and TIE Bombers who were targeting the luxury liners. One of the Captains at the Battle stated that “countering fast-attack starfighters is critical for victory”.

The battle ended with no true victor. The surprise attackers and some of the more damaged Imperial vessels chose to retreat. A handful of their fighters are now scrap above the planet which will be cleaned up and searched for any evidence on where these guerilla fighters hide now.

As of now we do not know what their original plan was or if they had a target in mind. The Empire is preforming a search for this large group in all areas, do not be alarmed if anybody comes to you for questioning. If you are a loyal citizen of the Empire you will have nothing to hide and nothing to fear. Keep your eyes peeled for any of the formerly mentioned ships, liners, and starfighters. It’s nothing the Empire cannot take care of.


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