Defending the Empire


Operation Strike Fear had come to surface recently to defend ourselves against the guerilla fighters. Their main base of operations is unknown as of now. The operations primary objective is to keep these rebels under in immense amount of pressure, thus not allowing them to expand. During the raids and defensive attacks on their forces, I assume ISB is looking to locate where the majority of these fighters flee to.

One of the first major strikes occurred at Brigia. Another group of stolen Imperial corvettes, frigates, and shuttles were spotted in the Outer Rim. They even got their hands on a symbol of Imperial grace, a Lambda-class Shuttle. The hostile spacers were attempting to load stolen cargo and ships to flee the location. Recon spotted them in the nick of time. Other than hyperspace travel, a Star Destroyer was deployed as soon as the reports were received. Complemented with a volley of TIEs, from bombers to interceptors. The bombers were escorted to every frigate and corvette as primary targets. Using ion bombs first to subdue the targets and perhaps capture them for questioning was the commanding officers first strike.

T65 X-wings and BTL Y-wings met our forces head on, forcing our hand to eliminate the ships. These rebels were being transmitted surrendering instructions but would not comply, leading to blood being shed. The Lambda-class shuttles were being used to fire strafing runs on the bombers as the attacking commenced. At least two bomber groups were lost during the attack before the Interceptors could, unfortunately, eliminate those as well. The Star Destroyer on site helped finish what the Bombers could not. They died doing their duty in a swarm of terrorist fighters. They will be forever remember by the Empire for this battle and for quelling this group of rebels.

The battle ended with a terrorist retreat, the Battle of Brigia is a success for the Empire. Their losses were substantial. It is safe to say we have at least eliminated a large chunk of any strike force they have. Citizens can rest easy for now but the Imperial Navy will not. Operation Strike Fear will move forward and be successful! Enlist today, help the Empire push back and restore a sense of peace and safety in our galaxy. For the Empire.

Keep an eye out for updates here on INB.

Hulmyyst Rhodok – INB

image source from Star Wars: X-wing game


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