Operation Strike Fear

To Strike Fear. Not to the Empire but to the terrorists who attacked us first. We will not be simply pushed by these ruffians without a push back.

The presence of these terrorists has been seen throughout the Outer Rim. It is said to be spreading after their first attack and the Empire will not allow them to grow for a second, more harmful attack. Small camps and outposts have been spotted and eliminated but we know of no headquarters or points of meeting at this time. The Imperial Navy and Army is looking for more targets as we speak.

Operation Strike Fear is being put into action effective immediately to respond to the recent attacks and prevent any other. This campaign will be led by an elite strike force. Do not be alarmed by any Imperial forces in your air space if you have nothing to fear. Be always weary of rebels committing unlawful activity in your vicinity.

Hulmyyst Rhodok – INB


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