Veterans: Empire and Old Republic

Today we celebrate every veteran. From the Imperial Navy, Army, Stormtrooper Corps to the ISB. We all owe our proud enlisted men and women a thank you. With the midst of battles occurring as of late, I thought it was important that we reflect on the Empire’s roots and show what we cannot afford to lose to these terrorists.


The Clone Wars. Years of bloody battle against the Confederacy of Independent Systems. For years clones were on the frontlines for the Republic and being used as shields for the tyrannical Jedi. Our now Emperor Palpatine felt the harsh energy of this war on a daily basis in the days of the old Republic. The clones were winning the war but at a large cost. Lives were being lost in, what seemed like, every system. The clones had the courage and the strength to put down the Jedi threat as soon as they attempted to assassinate the Chancellor Palpatine. It was through their will and superiority against two enemies on the battlefield, the Jedi and the Separatists, the Empire would be formed. Once all opposing forces were wiped out, the Peaceful Empire would be born. The 501st will never be forgotten. The clones who helped forge the Empire along our Emperor will always have our thanks. We will not let these rebels treat their sacrifice as if it were nothing.

Back to the present. Become a hero today and enlist for the Empire! If you see a veteran out there, shake their hand and buy them a drink. Our soldiers will see more action than they may have bargained for lately. A lot of the young men and women out in a foreign planet or in unknown space are just like you. Some grew up as farmers, others enjoyed writing holobooks. They’re all unique in their way. However when the armor comes on, they become shields, walls, and impenetrable forces to protect you and me in the Empire. They’ll know the intense and sometimes extensive feeling training will be worth it when the time comes.

Today, do not give the rebel terrorism group any of the attention they so crave.

We hope you welcome the screaming of TIEs, the thunder of boots, and the white armor that means you are protected everyday. We hope you’re proud to be a citizen of the Empire.

Clone Art Source


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