Outer Rim terror!


The outer-rim planet pictured above is a peaceful one. One controlled by the Empire and where we provide jobs for countless of the natives there.

On the SoroSuub factories of Sullust, where most of the Empire’s TIE’s are produced, this Rebellion inciting an uprising. Only a handful of the factory workers, Sullustans, were in league with this group. They were offloading Imperial cargo onto a GR-75 terrorist cargo hauler when an upstanding group of Sullustan laborers notified the Empire of the treason. A Gozanti-class cruiser offloaded two AT-ATs to assist in crushing the rebels.

They did not flee, however. This time, the terrorists stood their ground and sought out to destroy our walkers and the squads that were sent in to clear and investigate the sighting. They sent Y-wings, three at a time to weaken the AT-ATs. Their feeble attempt to shoot down the walkers with small arms fire did not even dent the machined war-beasts. The group had close air support nearby as they sent in small squadrons of X-wing starfighters. The attempt was met three-fold. The rebels should have known that sending starfighters to a starfighter factory was a bad idea.

Below we have in cockpit footage of a brave TIE/IN who was performing strafing runs on the remaining attackers. The encounter turns when X-wings show up to counter our fighters. A warning to all, the video may be graphic to some.

The video can be found by clicking here.

The fight ended with dead rebels, destroyed starfighters, and one destroyed GR-75. Glory to the Empire. Please keep your eyes open to report any unlawful talk or activity.

We hope that these sighting lessen in occurrence and in number. Be cautious, everyone.

Photo source here.


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