Facility Attacked, Imperial and rebel casualties.

stalkerA facility that remains classified has been the target of a large scale attack for the rebels. These organized rebels call themselves the Rebel Alliance to Restore the Republic. The name itself is ironic and a mockery to our Emperor who saved the corrupt Republic from itself when he formed the Galactic Empire.

Rebel starships, cruisers, frigates, and soldiers launched a surprise attack on a shielded Imperial planet that housed power research, weapons research, and overall good for our galaxy. The facility was thrown off guard by the terrorists. We do not have a detailed report of the attacks quite yet. Our reporters are working on details and acquiring some of the helmet-cam video recorded by the Stormtroopers on the planet housing the facility.

Several Star Destroyers were stationed to guard the planet, those of which have been deemed no longer operational for the time being by Imperial officers. The rebels were equipped with a stolen Nebulon-B frigates, CR90 Corvettes, Hammerhead corvettes, and a formidable MC75 Cruiser. These craft have many similarities to the ones which attacked Turkana and Brigia. This leads us to make the claim that all of the attacks suffered as of lately were made by this Rebel Alliance. Many starfighter squadrons, again similar to those of recent attacks,  accompanied the capital ships but were outnumbered and outmatched by Imperial TIE Fighters and the atmospheric TIE Strikers on the planet below.

Rebel forces suffered many casualties. A count is currently being worked on but we do know all infantry forces were wiped out. Imperials took out most of the opposition however some ships have gotten away and are being pursued.

It was known that leader and Lord Vader appeared to route some of the ships via hyperspace. We can only wait for these rebels to be captured or destroyed. The ships are currently in hyperspace as we speak. We have faith in Lord Vader and the Star Destroyer crew under his disciplined command.

This threat has grown organized and thus more dangerous. We are requesting all citizens to stay inside and do not fear if any of our military come knocking for questions. Know that when they are around you are at your safest from the terrorist alliance. These are trying times for the whole galaxy. Please keep safe, keep strong and trust in our Empire.


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