Princess of Alderaan found to a part of the Rebel Alliance!

image_517732f0It is a period of civil war. A brutal attack, a daring chase, and a virtual impossible chance at escaping. The Rebel Alliance’s space ships launched from a hidden base to attack the Imperial facility. Now, we may be one step closer to finding them. Lord Vader’s Star Destroyer made chase of a Rebel Alliance CR90 Corvette to the desert planet of Tatooine. The CR90 was pulled in by tractor beam to the Star Destroyer’s hangar bay. After a moment to get the ship locked into place, a team of stromtroopers rushed the corvette and were forced to fire back at the rebels who waited for them, blasters in hand. It’s known that a few of the escape pods were jettisoned during the firefight and a thorough investigation is being held on the planet Tatooine below.

After the final shots had been fired, the Princess and Senator of Alderaan was captured and attempted to speak her way out of things. She was known to have brandished a blaster which was used to injure one of our stormtroopers. We all know the princess to be a full-hearted leader and that of a silver tongue. However, Lord Vader saw through the lies. Reports have been spread that Leia Organa has been deemed a leader of the Rebel Alliance. She is now in custody by the Empire on a space station in deep space. This may come as a shock to a lot of those who looked up to her as a diplomat, a leader, or even just a person. The news of numerous traitors of the Empire is never fun. We hope to end all of this soon enough.

We know not what exactly the rebels are after at this time. There are rumors they were after plans of a new Imperial space station being finalized.

The Empire is interrogating all surviving members of the CR90 attack and trying to pinpoint the location of the terrorist base of operations and their motivation for attack. If the ISB can locate the base the war will become a whole lot easier for our side.

Already we have lost so many pilots, drivers, stromtroopers, and even those who provide a clean and safe place for our armored men to sleep. All lives are sacred in this Imperial Galaxy. I only wish the Rebel Alliance would see it this way. The Empire will stop the ending of innocent lives. Have faith.

Any further rebel attacks will be met with force. Beware citizens.






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